Winter Nail Polish Colors

The best part of getting ready for winter is shopping for the latest nail polish colors. At ORLY, we’ve got you covered for every season, and winter is no exception. 

Choosing the best nail polish color to bring out the warm winter look is a great way to feel good about yourself. It’s going to boost your self-image and self-esteem throughout the Winter season. 

After all, cold and dull days need splashes of color for all the adventure you’ve got lined up this winter. 

We’ve decided to help you out, with our top choices for winter nail polish colors.

Go Shimmery

january nail polish color

The shimmery holiday nail polish look is one of the most glamorous looks to enjoy this season. It is also a great dress-up option for December and New Years’ eve. 

Looking great to ring in the New Year is not an option and you know it. There’s no excuse for showing up dull when you have dazzling shimmery shades available in ORLY’s breathable range.

You can start with our "Looking Expensive" Breathable Bundle to make the most of the winter. These shades are made to compliment just about any outfit. A trip of three colors is available in this bundle. 

Enjoy the radiance of The Antidote, a copper shimmer that is bright, delightfully glamorous, and bursting with vibrancy. 

Hues of Green

best nail polish colors for winter

Add some fun hues of green to your Winter collection. A twist of dark green is seductive and unconventional. 

Sea The Future, is a rich forest green creme that’s exotic. It suggests a bit of daring wildness. This shade will go well with just about any other rich winter colors you may decide to wear, including your favorite fur coat. 

Out of the Woods will bring out the natural in you. 

Warm Terracotta

best nail polish color for winter

For a delicious, warm, seductive color this winter, warm terracotta is a special winter blaze for your well-manicured nails.

Enjoy ORLY’s warm-toned shades in Peaches & Dreams. It will liven things up including your hands and accentuate your manicure. 

Dress it up or dress it down, this shade will stand out naturally.

Deep Blue

popular winter nail polish colors

For every winter party, you need a deep blue to remind you that winter is for those who are willing to step out in style.

As you know, the best parties of the year are thrown during the holidays, so don’t miss the chance to flash your best nail color polishes with ORLY’s Naturally Nautical Breathable Bundle.

Whip out ORLY’s Downpour Whatever to enjoy our alluring blue take on the holidays. Even with low party lights, your well-manicured nails, in gel or lacquer, will grab lots of attention. 

Mysterious Grey

best nail color for february

A warm grey shimmer is elegant and fun this Winter. A shimmering grey can really get you all dressed up. It’s kind of bling, especially if you’re wearing high heels and glamming it up to dance the night away. 

ORLY has the latest nail polish color, that’s trendy, so be the life of the party with our warm deep winter Elixir

Deep Red 

nail colors for winter

Winter will not be complete without a deep red.  It always makes a bold statement and will be a chic winter shade for the best wedding nail polish color

Red remains the best sensual look that also brings warmth to your entire look, no matter what you may be wearing. ORLY has great winter reds to choose from, like Crawford’s Wine

Making a great winter celebratory toast with your favorite wine or champagne just looks so much better with our red nails. 

Sparkling Gold

winter best nail polish

Why not leave a trace of gold sparkle this winter. Being glamorous is part of the holiday fun. We have cool nail polish colors for your winter wear and Halo is one of them. 

So get ready to sparkle and beat the odds of Winter blues bothering you. 

Dazzling Silver

trendy winter nail colors

Silver nails are perfect for any occasion in winter. It’s a dazzling choice that promises riches, fortune and just adds a sparkle of glamour to your day. They may make your hand and manicure look dressed up to the nines and fabulous. 

At ORLY our Tiara is the perfect silver glitter you will need to complete your winter. It shines in the most beautiful way. 

Black Cherry

best nail color for december

A flattering Christmas nail polish is Black Cherry. Winter colors that are deep and smoky beams of sophistication. 

ORLY’s Black Cherry is the best shade of cherry to enjoy this winter. It has so much to offer. It’s mysteriously dark, sultry, and just darn uplifting. 

You might also want to try out our Opulent Obsession this winter. It’s not quite black, but another deep cherry to indulge in. 

Deep Plum 

A winter plum is not only deeply foxy but it will definitely do wonders for your confidence. If you have a job interview lined up this winter, then deep plum is the best nail polish color for a job interview.

Try out ORLY’s Feeling Foxy nail polish color. It is our take on deep plum. A beautiful creme that is rich and close enough to black. So be foxy and flaunt those fabulous nails this winter. 

Simply Black

best nail color for winter season

Going simply black with your nails may be the best choice for winter. Black is mysterious and definitely great for nail art creativity which means more choices and more fun. 

At ORLY we have the best black nail creme that will leave your imagination running wild with the possibility for nail art. Our top pick is mind over matter when it comes to our black nail polish. 

Enjoy a rich flawless finish perfectly ready to add on some metallics or wear it alone. 

The Takeaway

Soon you will be wrapping those gorgeous well-manicured fingers around your favorite Winter brews.  Dressing in ORLY for Winter is a party waiting to happen, as we’ve just shown you. So now you have many new reasons to flash those gorgeous nails this winter. 

Choosing the right nail color polishes for each season is an essential part of looking and feeling great. For example, the last thing you would want to do is flash bright neon colors meant for Summer and are best suited for your well-earned summer tan when it's snowing outside. 

Winter is all about being hot with deep, sensual, or shimmering shades. For more hot nail polish colors, there’s always so much waiting to be discovered at ORLY. 

Winter Nail Polish Colors (FAQ)

Can you wear white nail polish in the winter?

White is a great winter color, perfect to match the season of snow and ice. It looks great against the snow and any other colors you will wear this winter. Soft blue-gray shades are also lovely winter nail polish color options. 

Should nail polish be warm or cold?

You can warm the nail polish by rubbing it between the palm of your hands before using it. Also, make sure to keep it standing upright when storing it together with your nail polish remover. 

How do you store nail polish properly?

Avoid making the mistake of storing your nail polish in the bathroom. Rather store your nail polishes in a cool, dry place. Just be sure to keep it away from the sunlight or in humid places.  Keep both nail polishes and nail polish removers in cool places with normal temperatures. 

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