What Color Nail Polish Should I Wear?

Have you ever found yourself asking the question, what color nail polish should I wear? If you’re crazy about nail polish colors like we are, a rainbow of color options will get you very excited. 

This makes picking one color hard. So, you’ll often probably find yourself wearing more than one color. But although it’s fun to walk around with multi-colored polish, it doesn’t always work for every occasion. 

So, narrowing it down to colors more practical will be wise. Colors that work with your skin tone and wardrobe. Here we’ll do just that. Our selection of nail polish has a color for every skin tone, mood, and personality. So that you get it right every time. 

What Color Nail Polish Should I Wear?

Blue Shades

what nail polish should i wear

Shades of blue nail polish look great on fair and tanned skin tones. A darker shade of blue works well for the tanned skin tone because it truly enhances your complexion. For fair skin, the lighter shade of blue works great because it's muted and it’s not too powerful and distracting.

Blue is harmonious and calming. It fits well with personality types that are conservative and structured. Our Gotta Bounce blue nail polish color is a well-balanced blue. It’s perfectly denim blue.

Although dark, it’s not loud against fair skin, and although opaque, it’s not gloomy against tanned skin. It just works. And is also a great shade for the best nail color for a beach vacation as it contrasts well with the blue ocean and sky in the background.

  • Skin tone: Both Fair and Tanned skin
  • Personality: Conservative and structured
  • Orly: Gotta Bounce

Red Shades

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Truth be told, there’s a shade of red nail polish for every skin tone. Deep red and dark red wine red is striking on fair skins. Your cool undertone contrasts perfectly with the red, making your skin look crisp and clean.

Red is not relaxing and comforting, it is quite the opposite. It has a love-hate relationship with itself as it is directly conflicting. It’s the color of love and it’s the color of danger. 

People who wear red often assume the personality type of being competitive, demanding, strong-willed, intentional, and determined.

From our red range, you will love Sunset BLVD for dark skin. This color looks fiery against the darker skin, complementing the skin tone. 

Opulent Obsession will make fair skin look fresh while Ruby enhances tanned skin tones. And lastly, Ma Cherie is gorgeous for Olive skin tones and a winner Christmas nail polish color.

Green Shades

what color of nail polish should i wear

Shades of green nail polish are in abundance. Think about nature. Shades of green dominate the best spring nail polish colors

There’s a shade of green for every skin tone. Bright greens are great against fair skin. Choose pale greens for tanned skins and deeper greens for olive and dark skin. 

People who wear green are doers. They get straight to work and are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Those that love green have the personality to quickly look at the facts and formulate an immediate solution should they be faced with any problems. 

Doers improvise rather than spend time planning. They are also caring, encouraging, patient, and relaxed. Amongst Orly choose; Fresh to bring your fair skin tone to life. Its color is rich and reminiscent of new leaves. 

We love Happy Camper for tanned skin because it looks amazing against this skin tone. Wild willow for olive skin is just stunning and enhances the skin. And lastly, we love Hip and Outlandish for dark skin. It’s bright but not too bright so it makes a perfect combination.

Purple Shades

Shades of purple nail polish look great on both warm and cool undertone coloring. So, this color works well paired with fair skin tones. But it’s also great with tanned and olive tones.

Fair skins can wear all violets and to highlight, lavenders look particularly great with this tone. Tanned skin only really looks great with the purples that have hints of red and gray in them. And berry undertones look good with an olive complexion. 

The color purple is charismatic and has a compelling charm on people. People who are outgoing and energetic gravitate towards this color naturally. They have a magnetic charm and are gentle, sensitive, and supportive. 

Our Synthetic Symphony is stunning. It beautifully pops against tanned skin. It's vibrant and literally purple, not lilac, not dark purple, not lavender just purple. Scenic Route is supersaturated lilac and is great for fair skin. It will surely brighten your day.

For olive skin, you will love Wild Abandon. Its darkness adds an element of secrecy to your manicure while making your skin tone radiate.

Yellow Shades

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Shades of yellow nail polish look good against tanned and olive skin tones. The pale yellows look great against tanned skin because it makes your skin pop. The bright yellow looks stunning against olive skin, making it look more golden.

We love it because it adds some excitement to your manicure. The yellow polish is cheerful and warm and just brings your hands to life. It encourages communication so it’s great nail polish for a job interview

Those that opt for yellow are usually soft-spoken, have warm and friendly personalities. They are dynamic and quite enthusiastic. That said, you will love our Oh Snap yellow shade.

It works for tanned and olive skins beautifully because although bright, the yellow is soft which is perfect for both skin tones.

  • Skin tone: Both Tanned and Olive skin
  • Personality: Sociable and dynamic
  • Orly: Oh Snap

Nude Shades

Shades of nude nail polish look good against both fair and dark skin tones. Nudes for fair skin range between shades of scorched sand and caramel. The dark nudes work amazingly well with fair tones.

Because the nude is not boisterous, the darker shade contrasts beautifully with the fair skin.

The lighter nudes go with the dark skin tone. A tone two shades lighter than your skin will contrast perfectly. 

It works because the different shades of nudes are not meant to match your skin tone, it’s quite the opposite. Nude is relaxing and comforting and suggests it is often chosen by the conventional thinker. 

The personality type is practical, well-controlled, sociable, yet conservative, making it the best bridal nail polish. Our shades of nude are sublime. No doubt you’ll find a shade that suits your tone. Try Sands Of Time for dark skin tones and Country Club Khaki for fair skin tones.

White Shades

Shades of white nail polish are elegant. Think pure and peaceful. 

Shades of white are great worn as summer nail polish colors or winter. It's basically a color that compliments every season. White looks particularly great against olive and dark skin. It complements both skin tones beautifully. 

People who wear white are usually logical thinkers and non-controlling. They are motivated by tranquillity and happiness. They want nothing more than a peaceful life and therefore avoid confrontation.

Power Pastel Nail Polish in our range is all white you ever need. You’ll find a barely their lilac undertone in it which is subtle, yet still looks white. 

  • Skin tone: Tanned and Dark skin tones
  • Personality: Peaceful and Happy
  • Orly: Power Pastel

Gray Shades

Shades of gray nail polish look great on all skin tones. It adds mystery to your manicure.

Fair skins look amazing with darker tones of gray. Look for grays that have a hint of taupe undertone and ensure that the color pops against your fair skin. 

Tanned and olive skins have a great undertone which makes them easy to pair with gray shades. The nail polish shade adds a dramatic contrast against your skin color.

Darker skin looks great with a hint of mauve or a purple undertone. This will ensure that it won’t bring out any underlying dullness in deeper skin tones. 

The color gives off vibes of calmness and a relaxed atmosphere. It is cozy and soothing and those attracted to this neutral, non-emotional color are quite balanced. You make fair judgments, and you don’t get emotionally attached. 

Our Mansion Lane is divine for fair and tanned skin. It pairs very well as it has that hint of brown in it. Our Mirror Mirror is perfection. It matches perfectly with olive and dark, so much so you’ll never want to take it off. 

  • Skin tone: All
  • Personality: calm and balanced
  • Orly: Mansion Lane for fair and tanned people. Mirror Mirror for olive and dark skin.

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