What Color Nail Polish Goes with a Black Dress for a Formal Event?

If you are not sure what color nail polish goes with a black dress for a formal event, you do not need to worry. We have you covered. 

For formal events, your want a glamorous and elegant outfit, and your nails form part of that combination. The color nail polish you decide on defines the look you are going for. Lucky for you we have every color imaginable and our products are vegan and cruelty-free. No need to look elsewhere.

We have concluded all the best colors that go with a black dress, and all you need to do is choose the best one for you.

What This Article Covers:

The Colors That Look Great With A Black Dress And How To Wear Them


what color nail polish with black dress

Black is a nail polish color that goes with everything. A black dress with black nail polish is a safe choice for anyone struggling with picking a nail color. It is suitable for both flow-key and extravagant events. You can also spice up your manicure and pedicure in different ways.

A plain black manicure can look great with a black dress, a different colored heel, and accessories. That is a classic look that looks well put together.  

If that is too boring for you and you want to spice it up, add a glitter polish over the black base color, try our In The Moonlight nail polish for the very best result. Suddenly your subtle accessory has a little sparkle which is fun and cute. You can also opt for a black shimmer nail polish for the same effect.

Ombre is also a good alternative for those who want to add a little color to their black nails, or you can do a simple nail art design. You can also try a black french tip to elevate the sophistication of your nail look.


You may have one question on your mind, and that probably is “does white nail polish look good with a black dress?”. The answer is yes. The combination has always been timeless, but there are ways to change it up a little.

There is nothing wrong with a plain white manicure, but for formal events, you do not want to look plain. The goal is to look sophisticated and elegant. A great manicure to achieve that look is the French manicure. It is classy and is still a favorite among many women today.

what color nail polish with black dress and silver shoes

Like black nail polish, white nail polish also serves as a great base coat. You can top it off with glitter nail polish to add a sparkling touch. It is very pretty and makes your whole outfit look a little brighter, even while wearing a black dress.

You also do not have to stay in the plain white range. For something different, you can choose ivory or pearly tones, which look stunning against black. 

These light colors look great with light makeup. All the attention should be on your dress because that is the main piece. The nail polish and accessories should match or have complementing tones to finish off your look.


Nude colors are perfect for everyday nail polish because of its versatility.  You can easily change your outfits from working day to evening glamor, and it complements a black dress perfectly.

It does not distract from the dress, and you will still feel comforted by the fact that you have a manicure for your formal event. It looks chich on the hand and serves as a subtle accessory. 

When wearing nude nail polish, we recommend that you select a color that is close to your skin tone. You do not want something that is an exact match. A lighter or darker shade is perfect. If your skin has a cool undertone, select a nail polish that resembles that undertone. The same goes for warm undertones. 

Nude nail polish looks stunning as a plain manicure. You can wear it with a fancy dress to highlight the dress as the main piece, or you can wear it with something simple for an all-over simple chic look. 

what color nail polish goes best with black dress and silver shoes

Do not underestimate the power of nude colors, though. You do not have to opt for a simple nude manicure if you do not want to. There are so many beautiful options for nude manicures out there. You will certainly find a match to go with the look you have planned for your formal event.


Red is the epitome of a classic nail polish color. It is bold and dangerous, and it is a rich feminine color. You do not want to mess with someone who wears red nail polish.

This color is a certifiable Boss Lady color that looks daring with a black dress. Red nail polish with a red lip is undeniably gorgeous and will leave you turning heads. Red and black have always been a classy combination, and in our opinion, it is tough to beat.

Our options for red nail polish are endless. You might get red in the face having to choose from them.

Bright red is the perfect color for a confident and bold look. If you wear bright red, be sure to give the nail the moment it deserves. This means wearing other colored accessories and light makeup with a red lip.

If you want a more subtle toned look, darker reds are perfect for you. Because of the darker tones in the red, you do not look as bold. You look a little more mysterious and blends in with the black, but the confidence of wearing red nail polish remains. Deeper shades of red are also perfect for evening events.

Brighter Shades

Brighter shades include, but are not limited to, your purples, blues, and pinks. Each of these colors adds a different perspective to your black dress look.

what color nail polish should i wear with a black dress

Purple nail polishes are cute and flirty. Lilac nail polish is best suited for a black dress because it stands out against the shade. It also looks great against any skin tone. This color is perfect for summer and spring events because of its bright nature.

Blue nail polishes also look great with black dresses. Blue and black are nostalgic when paired together because everyone in the mid-2010s would pair these colors together. Any shade of blue looks good with black, but we recommend brighter blues for daytime events and darker blues for evening events.

Similar to how blue nail polish is nostalgic with black, so is pink. Pink nail polish can verge on either end of pretty and punk. Depending on how you want to style the black dress with the nail polish, and the rest of the components of your outfit, pink and black is also a stunning pair. 

These colors are also not limited to plain colored manicures. You can explore many nail art designs to create something perfect for the event you are attending. 

How To Do Your Nails for a Formal Event

Your nails form part of your outfit. It can either be your main accessory or a subtle one.

The type of manicure you decide on depends on the event you are attending. For a red carpet event, you can afford to go all out on your manicure and accessories. A low-key formal event calls for a more subtle manicure. 

For formal events, it is always best to have a fresh manicure. Like we said, your nails are an accessory, so a chipped manicure can ruin your entire look. 

Gel manicures are the best option for a long-lasting manicure, and they never chip. They are often glossy and last for up to 3 weeks. If you prefer to do your nails yourself, you need to invest in a good base and top coat to achieve the best home manicures. 

A good top coat and base coat will decrease the chances of chipping, and it will ensure that your manicure lasts longer than if you had only applied nail polish. You can also purchase nail polish that gives a gel finish because gel manicures are time-consuming to do.

what color nail polish with a black dress

If you would like to match your nail polish to your dress, you should opt for different colored accessories. You can try finding an exact color match or something similar in the shade range. 

If you would like to match your nail polish to your shoes, the same applies. You want something in a similar shade range or a match. Gold or Silver shoes look great with a glitter polish or keep it simple with nude

Another tip to note is that your manicure and pedicure do not always need to match each other. You can spice your nails up by having sheer nail polish on your fingernails and a complimenting creme nail polish on your toes. 

Assess the items of your outfit to decide on a good color match for your nail polish. Remember that you want these elements to sync so that it looks good.

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