What Color Nail polish Makes You Look Tan?

Never underestimate the power of choice. There are some decisions we need to make that really have everything to do with color. Yes, choosing the best nail polish color to accentuate the hours you spent in the sun to get that perfect tan is worth the effort.

So if you’ve ever wondered what nail polish makes you look like you have been basking in the sun, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Nail Polish Colors that Make You Look Tan 

Sunkissed or not, you can depend on ORLY to bring you the best nail polish color for sun tanned skin. There’s a wide range available to bring out a more natural glowing healthy look. 

If you’re wondering what nail color makes your hands look younger, these shades will do the trick, because a suntan gives your skin a glowing healthier look naturally. 

The best nail polish to buy are colors that range from a light pastel option to brighter neon colors. These choices do wonders for your skin tone, especially if you want your tan to stand out or enhance the warm tones of your skin. 

Lilac Nail Polish 

what nail color makes you look tan

Have you ever tried applying a fresh lilac nail polish color? If the answer is no, then now is the time to step out of the comfort zone and get excited about Lilac nail polish. It will naturally complement the healthy bronze shine of your skin. 

Chic Nude

You just can’t go wrong with a nude nail polish color. It’s chic, classy, and brings out the warm undertones of your skin. A perfect color to suit any occasion and certainly adds a splash of neutral that is still a popular choice. 

Any nude shade is always the perfect best nail polish for fair skin. As a rule, nude nail polish shades naturally enhance a well-earned tan and also makes fair skin look warmer. Try out Sands of Time and Roam with Me for the perfect nude look. 

If you’re hoping for longer-lasting nail polish in a gel formula, then the great news is you can have them in gel too at ORLY. Because of the longer-lasting durable nature of gel nails, they are considered the best nail polish for working hands.

what color nail polish makes you look tanner 

Blue for Fun

Choosing a fun blue nail polish color may just be the best choice you can make. It’s perfect with its bright look. You can step out confidently with your suntan. 

Freshen up your Summer tan with one of ORLY’s trendy Blue nail polish colors. You can also brighten things up with, It’s Brittney Beach or Far Out. 

what color nail polish makes your fingers look tanner

Neutral Nail Polish

Another great nail polish color for medium skin is the Neutral Nail Polish range. You might find your favorite nail polish partner in Mirror Mirror, Country Club Khaki, Toast the Couple or Snuggle up. 

Yes, neutral is exciting these days. 

what nail color makes you look tanner

Yellow and Orange Nail Polish

Finally, for a complete turnaround color, Yellow nail polish is the perfect match for your tan. Why be comfortable with tradition when you can splash a vibrant yellow nail polish color that is bound to draw attention to your rich, healthy tanned complexion. 

Orly does yellow, in two exciting shades: Oh Snap, and Glow Stick. These colors look good on short nails.

Here Comes the Sun is an exciting orange shade for a daring and impulsive look, that will ultimately add a twist of tropical to remind you of your beach time. 


Here Comes the Sun nail color



At OrlyBeauty, you will not only find the best quality nail polishes but plenty of advice to help you make the best color decisions for any skin type, occasion, or season. 

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