Nail Polish for Short Nails

Short nails can be a great way of expressing your style. There are plenty of super nail polish colors and designs available to make sure you’re glamming it up with your short chic nails.  

As long as you’re taking care of your nails, while having fun applying the best nail polish colors available in the market, you’re gonna love them every day. 

An obvious perk of having short nails is that it makes your accessories stand out. Also knowing which nail polish lookls great on short nails will help you make the most of enjoying and owning it.

ORLYBeauty has the most flattering nail color to match every stylish look you’re after. This is how you turn your short nails into a  quintessential fashion statement, by using a nail polish that is vegan-friendly and safe from harmful chemicals. 

The Best Nail Polish for Short Nails


This is how you turn your short nails into a quintessential fashion statement by going for the most fashionable nudes in the market. 

There are always a select few that are bound to make a big impact to those short nails. Nude shades, Bright colors, all qualify as making the grade of the best quality nail polishes to satisfy your desire for great-looking short nails.  

At ORLY, we have transformed the nude minimalistic look into sheer sophistication, giving you the look of using high-quality nail polish every day with our five nude shades: Coffee Break, Roam with Me, Canyon Clay, In the Groove, and Can You Dig It. 

best nail polish colours for short nails

These shades are also part of the gel nail polish range available at ORLY and are also the best nail polishes for working hands. Also, the great part is if you’re wondering what color nail polish looks good on darker skin then this bundle is for you. 

They also look great on fair skin, especially if you’re into nail polish colors that make you look tan. This is why nude shades are also so popular. 

Each nail polish shade epitomizes perfection in color and care for your short manicured nails. 

Let’s start with Coffee Break. This color is a warm rich coffee brown, delightfully creamy in texture, and looks as delicious as a decadent cup of coffee. This dark rich regal brown also makes your nails look longer. 

Canyon Clay is a long-lasting Russet Brown Creme. It is redder, darker than oak brown, and offers yet another rich dark look for those chic shorter nails. 

In the Grove is a close shade to Canyon Clay and Can You Dig It, offering a slightly different warm brown-red brick shade to the collection. 

Can You Dig It, on the other hand, is a delightful terracotta creme polish. It’s a warm, bright option that offers a perfect non-minimalistic neutral for your short nails. 

Roam with Me has a romantic, yet adventurous pastel pink which will be a wonderful day or night choice. Described as a desert sunrise, this rose nude creme is the perfect neutral for wherever your adventures take you. 

All five shades make your nails look great and are long-lasting to enjoy daily without chipping for up to 2 weeks. Durability always depends on the condition of your nails and any maintenance used for it.

If you want to go for stronger nails, then check out the same shades of this range in the ORLY gel nail polishes. If you prefer to go for a strong topcoat over you can look at purchasing the ORLY Matte Top. 

Why it’s Great

  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Great Feedback from customers 
  • With no chipping for 1-3 weeks after starting the manicure with proper care 
  • Rich non-minimalistic nude shades
  • Beautiful natural shine & smooth application

Who it’s Right for

  • Busy people who enjoy chic short nails
  • Manicure lovers who want an easy application for durable nail color
  • Fashionistas who just love warm, classic neutrals without boring
  • Those who love salon-quality nails without the need to spend hours in a salon
  • Nail polish lovers with smaller budgets

Detailed Analysis 


ORLY nail polish color, when used with a top coat, can last up to 2 weeks. 
Our polishes also provide important nourishing nutrients to your nails to keep them strong. This is what makes them superior to other varnishes for your nails.


The one nail beauty trend that will never go out of style is a nude nail polish. Versatility is exactly what is required to maintain short nails and we bring exciting fresh shades to make an everlasting impression on short nails.


ORLY nudes provide a great base for nail art and you won’t fall short for variety when you choose any of their nude nail polishes as a perfect choice for short nails. There are so many ORLY Beauty nudes to choose from. The Breathable range is another great shopping option for short nails. 

So choose a great quality nail polish color to ensure a top-quality result for your short nails. 

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