Best Nail Polish for Working Hands

You don’t have to be a race car driver to know that the classic brush on nail polish won’t cut it for your hard-working hands anymore.  Not only is it frustrating to keep touching it up every day, but looking at the cracks and chips that form quickly may annoy you. 

Today, thankfully there’s a lot in the market when it comes to what nail polish options you have for your working hands. Firstly, your working hands need protection from nail polish chips and cracks that are just unsightly. 

Ultimately you’re aiming for the most flattering nail polish color for your hands by choosing a nail polish product that is also durable. 

There are great options with added benefits in the market to be conscious of. ORLY Beauty offers a range of vegan and cruelty-free nail polish and treatment that lasts for several weeks. They also offer great product treatments and nail polish for durability. 

So first choose the best product for durability and if you have a deep skin tone for example, you can then choose the best nail polish colors for darker skin within that product range. 

Here is the best round-up of ORLY products for your working hands. Say hello to the best nail polish brand to enjoy your applications for much longer. 

What This Article Covers:

The Best Durable Nail Polish For Working Hands

Gel Nail Color (Best Budget)

Gel manicures are popular, fashionable and they give your nails a layer of protection against cracks or chips. So, the best gel nail polishes at ORLYBeauty are a durable option because you can go for at least three weeks without a nail polish chip or crack. 

At ORLY, we have a wide range of the most fashionable nail polish gel colors to shop for. You can also opt for the At-Home Gel Nail Color Application Starter Kit to get you going instead of getting the gel manicure done at a salon. It comes with full instructions that are easy to follow. 

the best nail polish for working hands

The key thing about opting for gel nail polish colors is the manicure process that precedes the actual application of the gel nail polish. This is what guarantees durability for those working hands. 

So buying a starter kit is a great option available at ORLYBeauty. It comes with the following:

  • Nail Tip Primer
  • Gel Top2Bottom, two in one base and topcoat
  • Mini LED Lamp

The application involves a dry manicure, then lightly priming the nail tip with the GELFX Nail Tip Primer. This is followed by the application of the base coat. The gel Top2Bottom allows the nail polish to stay on the nail a lot longer than other standard nail polishes. 

It’s important to be light-handed when applying the base coat. After that, you will use the ORLY dry brush to brush it down before applying the gel nail polish color of choice. Once the layer of nail polish is applied over the gel, the UV light is used to bake the nail polish.

It goes through some additional layers of application to ensure it lives up to its reputation of durable, beautiful long-lasting manicured gel nails. ORLY brings you the best nail polish colors in gel too. 

You can enjoy fun gel nail polish colors by ORLY like, String of hearts, Wild Willow, Blue Tango, Artificial Orange, Tangerine Dream and so much more. These are some of the most striking color nail polishes to buy for durable nails as the best nail polish solution for working hands. These colors are also the best nail polish color for mature hands.

Why it’s Great

  • It’s a durable and long-lasting solution for working hands
  • Offers added protection for your nails
  • It dries quickly and is applied in three layers at the very least ensuring a strong durable application of color
  • Offers versatility which means you can play with great colors and design ideas.
  • They look great and feel natural
  • You can do this at home by buying gel nail home kits

Who it’s Right for

  • If you’re following a hectic lifestyle and bump your hands around a lot 
  • A busy person who doesn't want to bother every second day to reapply nail polish 
  • A fashionable trailblazer who enjoys new nail trends 
  • Those who want a nail fix that’s better than opting for acrylic nails

Professional Quality Lacquer (Best Overall)

ORLY Professional Quality Lacquer is also a great choice to opt for durable great nail polish colors. This is a second great option for your working hands that are constantly in use, risking quick cracks and chips in your nail polish.

Each lacquer is typically thicker in liquid and this is what allows it to be more chip resistant. But unlike the gel nail polish option you don’t need any starter kit to get you going with the manicure at home, nor does it require the use of a lamp to allow for proper drying. 

ORLY Lacquers are a fast-drying formula that provides for up to two weeks of wearing without chips or cracks. Of course, durability is also impacted by the condition and maintenance of your nails in the long term. 

There are some really exciting shades to choose from at OrlyBeauty which are the best non-gel nail polishes in the market today. ORLY also offers 20 percent more lacquer than the competition.

which is the best nail polish for working hands

Why it’s Great

  • Highly durable nail polish which dries quickly
  • Does not require a starter kit manicure set for an application like gel nail polish colors do
  • Simply brush onto your nails directly without the need for a lamp to assist with drying and baking
  • Orly offers 20 percent more lacquer than the competition
  • Lasts for weeks without chips or cracks depending on the condition of your nails

Who it’s Right for 

  • Busy working people who use their hands more often than not for chores
  • Nail polish lovers who appreciate great durable nails and hassle-free long-lasting applications
  • Anyone who loves quick easy to apply nail polish that doesn't take too long to dry either
  • Those who are considering their options for the best nail polishes for working hands

Best Nail Polish for Working Hands FAQs

What Color Nail Polish Is Best on mature hands?

Choosing the best nail polish colors for mature hands can be loads of fun, especially since ORLY has a wide range of exciting colors and treatments just for you. So, if you’ve been shying away from using nail polish to avoid drawing too much attention, don’t worry. A little nail polish in a vibrant hue will highlight the beauty of your hands.

Choose vibrant colors like orange, yellow, corals, and bright blues for your hands. Age isn’t something to shy away from. Basque in the glow of the beauty of a life well lived.

What Color Nail Polish Goes With My Skin Tone? 

This can be tricky to answer because it does boil down to personal choice versus the opinion of others. But here are some tips that can guide you towards choosing colors of nail polish that may accentuate your skin tone. 

  • Generally, choose colors that make your skin tone look more vivid.
  • Look to your unique skin tone to give clues on what colors bring out your individual beauty.

What Is The Best Nail Polish Colors For Fair Skin?

Choose vibrant colors, like ORLY’s Neon Heat, Neon Paradise, Surfer Dude, Life’s a Beach, Blazing Sunset. 

Pastel colors also really work well for fair skin. They can appear classy and professional while adding a healthy glow to your skin and nails. 

ORLY has some great nude and pastel nail polish for fair skin for you to enjoy like Country Club Khaki, Coffee Break, Lovella, Inner Glow, You Go Girl, Roam with Me, Mind Body Spirit.

If you have fair skin and want a nail polish that makes you look more tanned, then ORLY has tons of captions for that, too.

What Are The Best Nail Polish Colors For Deep Skin?

When it comes to tan, olive, medium or deep skin, most colors are going to accentuate your beautiful tone. So maybe it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and get adventurous. Try out Orly’s Bejeweled range for real glamor and enjoy shades like; Don’t Take Me for Garnet, Over the Topaz, You’re on Sapphire, Alexandrite by You.

Have fun and just remember all the great choices available at ORLY that are waiting to be discovered. 

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