What Does a Long Pinky Nail Mean

Seeing someone that has a long pinky nail, with all the other nails short, can be seen as quite strange by some people. Especially since this is most common in men. Many people follow centuries old traditions, or do it out of personal preference.

It is a similar concept to the topics “Why do guys wear black nail polish?” and “What does it mean if a girl has blue nail polish?” Sometimes this is done just because they want to, but other times, and more often than not, it is done with a reason behind it.

So, what does a long pinky nail mean? In this article, we’ll be discussing all the different reasons that some people have a pinky fingernail that is longer than all the rest of their nails.

What Does A Long Pinky Mean

A Sign Of Wealth Or Upper Class

Just like what your nail polish says about you, having a long pinky nail can say something about you, too. 

One of the most common reasons that men in certain cultures keep their pinky nails long is to show that they are wealthy and that they come from a high class and social status. 

A long pinky signifies that they cannot do any manual labor. This was particularly popular many years ago where any job in manual labor was thought to be for those with less privilege. If you had an academic or administrative job instead, you were thought to be more well off. 

It is similar to the question of what do long nails say about women. Both were to signify class and elegance.

why do people have long pinky nails

Extra Tool

This is popular in some circles of mechanics and people who often feel like they need an extra tool to help with things around the house.

A long pinky nail can be used as an additional screwdriver. It can help to open tight objects, or temporarily tighten a screw to keep it in place. 

It obviously won’t be the most durable or strong tool, but some think that it helps with little things that need to be done.

We however prefer to leave the tough jobs to the professional tools and protect nail health.

Good Fortune 

This is a concept that is considered amongst those who do palmistry. Palmists claim that if your pinky nail is longer than the distal knuckle of your ring finger, then you are considered a lucky and intelligent person. 

This is why some people choose to grow their pinky nails. They hope that it will bring them better luck and fortune, as well as positive palmistry readings.  

To Clean Your Ear Or Nose

As disgusting as this sounds, it happens more often than you would think. 

Having your pinky nail long helps you to reach deeper into your nose and ear to give them a good clean, and this is what a lot of people do. 

Our perspective is that of sanitary nail care and to promote optimal nail health.

A Tool For Musicians 

Many musicians around the world have long pinky nails. There are many acoustic guitarists who use their nail to "pluck" their strings while playing. Many musicians take very good care of their hands, as they are a vital part of their instrument.

These musicians grow their pinky nails long and then use a nail file to encourage nail health. Many musicians may, or may not also use picks while playing their particular string instruments. 

why do guys grow their pinky nail long

The long pinky nail allows musicians the versatility to play their instrument to their particular style.

Raising Awareness For Violence Against Children

There is a campaign called Polished Man going around that hopes to raise awareness for violence against children. 

The campaign states that you should have one nail painted blue to represent the one in five children who will be victims of sexual violence in their lifetime.

Having black nail polish on one finger instead of blue is quite common amongst men, as it doesn’t interfere with their masculinity. 

Some participants who have chosen to use nail polish on their pinky finger for the campaign and tend to grow it out slightly, which makes it more noticeable. 

So, if you see a pinky nail that is slightly longer and is the only finger painted, it may be that it is in support of the Polished Man campaign.

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