Black Nail Polish on Ring Finger

Have you recently seen a man walking around with a finger of black nail polish? Have you wondered what this means?

The answer to this question might surprise you. And it is not to make a fashion statement.

In fact, the sentiment behind black nail polish on the ring finger actually supports a very noble and important cause.

Many men, including some prominent celebrities, have joined hands and painted a single fingernail in solidarity with the prevention of violence that is enacted against children.

Read on to find out more about this amazing project and the real answer to the question: why do guys wear black nail polish on their ring fingers? 

As an added bonus, we will also look at some other current nail polish trends so that you know exactly what nail polish colors mean.

Black Nail Polish on Ring Finger 

Why Do Guys Wear Black Nail Polish On Their Ring Finger?

He Is Raising Awareness

If you see a man with a single painted nail, most often the ring finger, he is probably partaking in the Polished Man campaign. 

This campaign was started by Elliot Costello when he traveled to Cambodia and met a little girl named Thea. 

Thea recounted the sexual abuse she suffered. He promised her that he will paint one fingernail to remember her by. 

This inspired Costello to raise awareness and funds to protect children from violence and abuse and The Polished Man Project began. 

So far, the project has raised almost $70 000 and helped thousands of children to receive counseling and other resources.

The Polished Man project is by far the most common reason why men will paint their ring finger black. 

what does it mean black nail polish on ring finger

In fact, black is the most common color that people who partake in this campaign choose, followed by blue (because what color nail polish do guys like, right?. 

Some prominent celebrities such as Swan Mendes have also jumped aboard this trend. However, there are some other meanings to a single black painted ring finger.

He Wants To Be Safe On The Road

It has been found that men also sometimes paint their ringer finger black as a way of reminding them to not text while they are driving. 

As soon as you pick up the phone to text, your ring finger is there to remind you to put it down. 

This is a more recent trend and has not been as common as the campaign above.

He Is Attracted To Other Men 

In addition, men may also choose to paint their ring finger black as a way of telling others that they are attracted to the same sex. 

This lesser-known trend has only recently developed and is not unique to men. 

This trend is also done by women and is known as “femme flagging”. 

So, why do guys paint one nail black? Well, we have outlined the main reasons above.

Of course, some people may do it as a fashion statement, so be sure to check before making assumptions about that painted nail.  

What about white, pink, and blue nail polish?

Believe it or not, white, pink, and blue nails also have their own meanings. 

Although these are less commonly found in guys, it is not uncommon for men these days to wear colors that have a hidden meaning.

black nail polish on ring finger meaning

So, what does it mean if a girl paints her nails white? Well if a girl has white nails it means that she is single or ready for a fresh start, so if you see this on a man, you can safely assume that he is unattached. 

And what does it mean if a girl has blue nails? Well, this means that she is seeing someone so if a cute guy with blue nails walks your way, stay away. 

And what does light pink nails mean? This is a soft, feminine, and innocent color favored by girls so if a guy has light pink nails, he may be exposing his feminine side. 

In fact, the length of nails also plays a role. But what do long nails say about a woman? It probably means that she likes to take good care of herself and has a sense of flair and style. 

Longer nails on a guy may signify that he is a musician. Many male musicians have longer nails than the average male (purely for practical reasons). 

But, some guys choose to only grow their pinky nails long. What does a long pinky nail on a man mean? Well, it is actually seen as a sign of showing off and stating that you belong to a superior social class.

If you want to keep your nails long, but well-shaped, then our nail buffers are a good bet.

black nail polish on pinky finger

So, it is clear that nail polish of various colors has varying meanings. In addition, there are also mood nail polish color meanings, where the color of the nail polish changes according to your mood. 

If all this is too much, feel free to walk up to someone and just ask what their nail polish means before making assumptions. Who knows? It may be for a noble cause.

Final Remarks

So, it is clear that men may choose to do many things with their nails and everything carries a significant meaning. 

But, the most common trend at the moment sees men painting their ring finger black. Why is this? Well, it is probably in support of The Polished Man Project, which aims to raise awareness and funds for children who are victims of violence. 

But, he may also be painting that nail to illustrate his sexuality or be safe on the road. In addition, the color of the nail makes a huge difference as well. In fact, the length of a man’s nails can also tell you a whole lot about him.

So if you want to know more about a guy, why not check out his nails first?

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