How to Do French Ombre Nails with Gel Polish

Knowing how to do French Ombre nails with gel polish is one of the best things you could do for yourself.

French tips are a classic look that is great for work, weddings, and for a nail look that is a little softer. Add in the Ombre effect and you have yourself a classic look with an extra bit of fun.

For nail salon owners, it’s a great way to get repeat French manicure enthusiasts to try out a new look without leaving their comfort zone. Coupled with our most popular nail polish colors and you’ve got a guaranteed winner. 

Let’s get straight into how to do French Ombre nails with gel polish.

How to Do an Ombre French Manicure with Gel Nail Polish

Step 1: Base Coat

how you can do french ombre nails with gel polish

Add a gel base coat to your manicure prepped nails and cure under a UV/LED lamp. Our MINI Gel Lamp is perfect for getting that professional gel look at home. If you are new to gel nails, read our guide on how to use gel nail polish to learn everything there is to know. 

how you can make french ombre nails with gel polish

Step 2: Apply Gel Nail Polish

It’s time to apply your gel nail polish. Apply a layer of your chosen nude to your nail and cure under your UV/LED lamp. Repeat until it is your desired opacity.

If you don’t have the necessary gel products and are a little lost on where to start, you’re in luck. Our French Manicure Kit has everything you could ever need.

French Ombre Nails with Gel Polish

Step 3: add French Tip and Blend

Cut a makeup sponge into a thin strip. Cut it to the width you would like the white part of your manicure to be.

Apply white gel polish to your sponge and press it to the edge of your nail. With the clean makeup sponge, gently blend out the border of your white gel polish until it fades into your nude polish.

If the border between your white polish and your nude isn’t as smooth as you would like, use a cotton swab or read how to blend nail polish like a pro. 

how you should make french ombre nails with gel polish

You can also apply a bit more of your nude and blend it with the white using a clean makeup sponge.

To make your white pop more, add a bit more white gel polish to the tip of your nail, and blend.

Once blended, cure under a UV/LED lamp.

This is the perfect part for an accent nail. Read also about how to put regular nail polish over gel in case if you feel like adding nail art.

Step 4: Top Coat

When you are satisfied with your French Ombre nail and have cured it, add a top coat to lock in your French Ombre nail look. 

For a glossy top coat, use our essential Gel Topcoat to lock in the color and leave you with a gorgeous shine. 

How to create a perfect French ombre effect on Gel Polish

Or be a little daring and use our Matte Topcoat for a smooth, velvety finish. 

How to Do Perfect French Ombre Nails with Gel Polish

And there you have it. Beautiful French Ombre nails with gel nail polish. If you want to try something beyond a French manicure Ombre, learn how to Ombre nail polish and use a variety of different colors.  


Now you know how to do French Ombre nails with gel polish. This look will always be a timeless classic look fit for any occasion. 

Spice things up and use the above steps to create a bunch of other fun looks! Substitute the nude and white with other gel polish colors and experiment with new, exciting Ombre nail polish looks. 

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