Toe Nail Polish Colors

So you’re ready to wear those gorgeous new open-toe sandals. They look great with your outfit, but you aren’t sure which toenail polish colors to choose. Does this sound familiar? We can help.

Keep reading for the best colors to wear on your toenails. And you’ll be stepping out and flaunting those perfectly painted toenails in no time. 

What This Article Covers

Best Nail Polish For Toes

Tips to Wear Toe Nail Polish

Before choosing the colors for your toenail polish, consider the best kind of polish to use. There are different types of nail polish to suit different needs and preferences. Do you prefer gel polish or lacquer? If you prefer gel, do you have the UV lamp you’ll need to set it? 

Painted toenails will draw attention to your feet. So don’t overlook the need for regular foot treatments to keep your feet looking beautiful. We have all the essential pedicure tools you need to keep your feet feeling fine. Make sure your feet are in tip-top condition, and you have all the tools you need.

Then you can focus on choosing the right color to suit your individual style. Our long-lasting nail polish is available in more colors than you can dream of and will keep your toes looking pretty for longer.

Cute Toe Nail Polish Ideas

Glitter And Sparkles 

best nail polish colours for toes

There’s a glitter nail polish for every occasion. Nothing will make you sparkle like a coat of sparkly polish on your toenails. Try applying glitter nail polish over another color to wear with open-toed sandals. This is a great look for a party, especially if you wear it over white. 

Can you polish over gel nails? Yes, but remember that the glitter will not be as visible if the base color is dark. 

Our Best Color Collections For Toe Nails

cute toe nail polish

Color is in at the moment, in a big way. You can step out into Spring and sizzle on the beach in Summer with our colorful polishes. 

But there’s no need to be a celebrity to do some island hopping. You will look like a star with our Island Hopping range. And you’re sure to make an impression on the beach with our Impressions gel polishes. 

best nail polish colors for toes

If you are not yet familiar with gel polish, you should think about applying gel nail polish when doing your pedicure. Our gel polish is durable and long-lasting and will give you a professional finish that you can rely on.

Tips For Wearing Toe Nail Polish 

We keep an eye on the latest color trends, to keep you in step with fashion. But we understand that with so many choices, it can be a bit overwhelming. So we have some tips to make it easy for you to experiment with colors on your toenails. Let’s look at them now. 

Consider Your Footwear When Choosing Toenail Polish

When wearing peep-toe shoes, flip-flops, or strappy sandals, your toenail polish color is also right up close to the color of your footwear. So a simple style rule for toenail polish is to consider your footwear. 

If you are wearing open-toed shoes in a neutral color, go wild with toenail polish colors. We have an awesome array of colors and shades to flatter everyone. 

But if your footwear is very colorful, you may want to tone down the nails. That said, your toenails are like miniature art canvases. Be as creative as feel comfortable with. 

Choose Colors That Never Go Out Of Style

best nail polish color for toes

You have three choices when it comes to choosing toenail polish colors. Stay neutral in a natural shade, choose a complementary color to your shoes, or go for a fun and contrasting look.

Tips For Wearing Toe Nail Polish

Some colors just never go out of style. Red is a classic example. One of the most popular nail polish colors of all time, it will look fantastic if wearing it with black open-toe shoes and a black dress. And our juicy Cherry Bomb is a perfect choice.  

If you are wary of experimenting with bright red, opt for your favorite color in a pretty pastel shade of pink. Pastels are very trendy at the moment and offer the chance to wear your favorite colors without being too bold.  

best toe nail polish

Get Creative With Your Toenails

Although some colors are always fashionable, the way you wear them can be updated to show off the latest trends. And once you’ve learned how to blend nail polish colors, you can unleash your creativity. 

There are countless possibilities for adding some fun to your feet. So if you are crazy about color fades, or know how to Ombre nail polish, don’t be shy. Nail art is not just for your fingernails.  

And When You’re Ready For a New Look

best nail polish color for your toes

When you are ready for something different and want to try a new color, just remove it. That’s the great thing about nail polish, it’s easy to apply and remove for a whole new look. 

If you are not keen on using acetone on your nails because it can be very harsh, we have the solution. Don’t stress about how to remove glitter nail polish without acetone

Our Genius Remover is strong enough to remove gel polish and lacquer yet gentle enough not to cause harm to your nails.

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