How to Do Gradient Nails with Gel Polish

Learning how to do gradient nails with gel polish can feel a little tricky at first. But with a little patience and gel layering, you'll be able to create gorgeous looks that can be elegant or fun or a bit of both.

When learning how to do gradient nails with gel polish, there are a few things to consider ahead of time.

Before starting, choosing a great gel nail polish will be a game-changer when creating gradient nails. A good gel nail polish will blend easily without sacrificing pigment and last for days on end without chipping.

And third, don’t forget to have fun and let your creativity run wild. Now, let’s learn how to do gradient nails with gel polish.

How To Do Gradient Nails With Gel Nail Polish

Step 1: Base Coat

Lay down a base coat and cure it under a UV/LED light. If you are very new to gel nail polish, read our guide on how to use gel nail polish. 

how to blend nail polish

Step 2: Choose Colors

Choose the colors you want to use for your gradient look. 

Start with nail polishes that have similar finishes to make blending easier. When you get more comfortable working with gel, start experimenting with different finishes like glitter.

As you gain experience, you can learn how to apply glitter nail polish and create super fun, eye-catching nail looks. Glitter nail polish is a little hard to remove but we know the best way to remove glitter nail polish

Step 3: Apply Gel Nail Polish

Apply the first shade to the base of your nail and the second shade to the edge until the two shades are touching near the middle of your nail. 

If you are unsure about what shades you want to use, check out our most popular nail polish colors or give Whispered Lore a try. It is the perfect nail polish for a quick, shifting gradient look without the work. 

how to blend nail polish colors

Step 4: Blend

Blend the two colors with a brush. The best blending brush will have soft, wispy bristles to create the perfect blend. Our Short Detailer Brush can help refine the blending to a more even look.

The blending process can take a long time but it is worth the extra work in the end. Be patient and apply gentle pressure when using the tools. Don’t worry if the colors are very faded. You will add more layers after the next step. 

If you don’t have a blending brush, you can also use a sponge. A more porous sponge works best as it doesn't absorb too much of the product. 

How you can get Gradient Nails With Gel Polish 

Step 5: Cure

Cure the blended gradient layer under a UV/LED lamp. If you don’t have a lamp, our Mini Gel Lamp is perfect for professional-looking gel nails at home. 

how you can blend nail polish colors

Step 6: Repeat

Repeat steps 3 to 5 until you are satisfied with your gradient gel nail look. When you have cured the last layer of color, add a top coat to seal in your nail art look. 


Gradient looks are also possible with regular nail polish and can bring back life to old nail polish colors that might have been collecting dust in your home. And yes, you can use regular nail polish over gel nails to create an even bigger array of new looks. 

Once you get the hang of gradient gel nail polish looks, you can create so many awesome nail looks. 

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