Best Nail Polish Thinner

One thing that the person who invented nail polish didn’t think through properly was how thick and gooey nail polish can become when it gets old. It is every nail polish owner’s nightmare to open up a bottle of their favorite nail polish and have it be clumpy or sticky.

Luckily, here at Orly, we have the perfect fix for that mess. We offer the best nail polish thinner on the market, and it is guaranteed to prolong the life span of your favorite bottle of polish. 

In this article, we will be discussing our top-of-the-range nail polish thinner in detail. We will go through all its qualities, as well as some frequently asked questions surrounding nail polish thinners. 

What This Article Covers:

Best Nail Polish Thinner

We have no doubt that our Orly Polish Thinner is one of the best affordable nail polish thinners available. 

Nail Lacquer Thinner

Below, we are going to discuss the various elements that make our nail polish thinner so fantastic, and why it is the perfect polish thinner for you. 


Our Orly Polish Thinner is made with only the best products possible. It uses a specialized formula that will help you safely, and effectively, extend the life of your thickened lacquer nail polish. 

This nail polish thinner helps to restore polish that has become dry, clumpy, or cracked, without affecting the performance and durability of the nail polish. 

Unlike poor quality nail polish thinner, or nail polish remover (which some people tend to use as a polish thinner), our polish thinner won’t ruin the quality of your nail polish at all. It retains the quality of the nail polish and helps to create a smooth application.

Another great aspect of our polish thinner is that it doesn’t just restore old nail polish. It’s super versatile and can also be used to clean nail polish brushes and remove any clumps that have formed on them. 

Our nail polish thinner comes with a built-in dropper and pointed nozzle to make the use of it super easy. Not only does this dropper and nozzle help to prevent a mess and wastage, but it also ensures that you don’t add too many drops into your polish.

Since the bottle is made out of plastic materials, it is nearly unbreakable. It is also very small and compact, making it easy to transport. 

Although the bottle is small, it comes with a lot of product inside. Since you only need to use 1-2 drops of it, it will last you a long time. 

Our nail polish thinner costs about $5.50 per bottle and is one of the best investments that you can make if you don’t want your nail polish to go to waste. 

If you are wondering where the best place to buy nail polish thinner is, then head to our website for the best deal. 

Not only do we stock this amazing polish thinner, but we also have a variety of high-quality nail polishes (with the coolest nail polish names, might we add) that you can purchase with your nail polish thinner. 

 Super Nail Polish Thinner

Why It’s Great

  • It restores your favorite no-chip nail polish
  • It makes your favorite nail polish last longer
  • It is easy to use
  • The bottle is unbreakable
  • It retains the quality and performance of the product 

Who It’s Right For

  • Anyone who uses nail polish
  • People who have expensive nail polish that they don’t want to go to waste
  • Those who don’t use nail polish very frequently 
  • People who have a lot of different nail polishes and don’t use them all fast enough
  • If your nail polish is thick or clumpy 

Detailed Analysis


As we mentioned, this polish thinner can be used for two things. It can be used to prolong the lifespan of nail polish by thinning out nail polish that has become thickened or clumpy. But, it can also be used to clean nail polish brushes. 

Very few nail polish thinners can be used to clean nail polish brushes. A lot of the time, a specific brush cleaner or acetone is used to clean nail polish brushes. 

This polish thinner does not contain acetone, but it was formulated with the versatility to be able to clean nail polish brushes too. 

Cleaning your nail polish brushes is very important. If you don’t, then it will make the application of the polish messy and can cause clumps and unevenness. And the reason that you are using the thinner in the first place is to avoid this. So, if you use thinner with dirty brushes, it is counterproductive. 

Additionally, using acetone to clean your brushes can cause the bristles of your brush to become damaged and the acetone that is left on the brush can also affect the quality of your nail polish. 

Orly’s polish thinner is a much better and safer option when it comes to cleaning your brushes. It is more likely to be less damaging, and it will ensure smooth and clean nail polish application. 

An added bonus is also that you don’t need to spend more money buying a separate brush cleaner.

Best Nail Polish Thinner to Buy


This is one of the most effective nail polish thinners on the market. Our polish thinner works exceptionally well to thin nail polish that has become dry and clumpy.

A lot of thinners tend to impede the application of the polish after they’ve been used. They can make the polish difficult to apply and make the texture look bumpy. There are also reports that some polish thinners prevent the nail polish from drying properly.

This is not the case with our nail polish thinner. Its performance is top-notch, and we can ensure that it is able to prolong the shelf life of your favorite polish without ruining its quality. 

Bottle Design

The bottle design of our polish thinner is efficient and safe. It is made out of plastic, and it has a built-in dropper to control how much thinner you apply to your nail polish. 

This is very advantageous compared to thinner bottles that are made out of glass, or those that just have a screw-off lid. 

With it being a plastic bottle, it means that it won’t easily break if the bottle is accidentally dropped. On top of that, it makes traveling with your polish thinner stress-free, and very easy. 

The built-in dropper is also a huge bonus. The tip of the dropper fits easily into the neck of a nail polish bottle. This helps to avoid spilling and wasting the polish thinner. 

The dropper also helps you to control how much thinner you are putting into your nail polish, which can prevent you from using too much and ruining your nail polish. 

These design elements help to put Orly’s thinner in a league above the average thinner and are great additions to have. 

Great Nail Polish Thinner


As you can see on our website, we charge a very reasonable $5.50 per bottle. This is most probably the cheapest price that you will be able to get this thinner for, so we would recommend making your purchase online straight from our website. 

To add to this, $5.50 is a very reasonable price for nail polish thinner. Thinners tend to range from about $3 to $12 for a two-ounce bottle. So $5.50 for our polish thinner is really not a bad price at all.


Nail polish thinner is definitely a handy tool to have if you’d like to prolong the life span of your nail polish and make sure you have a clean and smooth manicure. 

Orly’s one is an even better choice since it doubles as a brush cleaner. You will definitely be getting value for your money with it, and it will ensure that your polish is smooth, your brushes are clean, and your manicured nails look amazing. 

Best Nail Polish Thinner (FAQ)

Can You Use Nail Polish Remover Instead of Nail Polish Thinner? 

As the person who invented nail polish remover would have told you, nail polish remover was invented to remove nail polish, not thin it. 

Despite this, there are still people who do use nail polish remover as a substitute for nail polish thinner. We would not advise this. 

Nail polish thinner is designed to replenish the moisture in nail polish. It mixes well with the ingredients of nail polish and helps to create a smooth finish. This is not the case with nail polish remover; especially acetone-based polish remover. 

Nail polish remover may initially seem like it works and does the same thing as thinner does. But, it tends to break down the nail polish’s formula and it will end up ruining your polish.

The toxicity of the acetone in nail polish remover will also cause damage to your nails if you opt to use an acetone-based nail polish remover instead of polish thinner.

Most nail polish removers also contain quite a bit of water in their formula. Unfortunately, water doesn’t mix very well with the ingredients of nail polish. It can cause the polish to look streaky and bumpy when you apply it. 

So, in short, while nail polish remover might work to thin your polish, in the long run, it can ruin your nail polish. Rather invest in a good quality nail polish thinner. 

Good Nail Polish Thinner

What Should I Do if I Make My Nail Polish Too Thin? 

If you somehow manage to add too much thinner to your nail polish, it is not the end of the world. This is only true if you use a proper polish thinner, though.

Nail polish thinners are made with similar ingredients to nail polish. So luckily too much thinner won’t cause too much degradation of the nail polish. 

The best way to thicken it up a bit is to first take out the brush and clean it with some Orly polish thinner. Next, store the brush with plastic wrap wrapped around it. 

You will then need to let the open bottle of nail polish stand just like that in a quiet place for about a day. Getting air back into the nail polish will help thicken it up again.

Check on the nail polish the next day and see if it has thickened up slightly. How fast or slow it thickens will differ based on the temperature and humidity of the room it is in. 

How Do You Clean Nail Polish Brushes With Nail Polish Thinner?

Having clean nail polish brushes, whether it is a nail art brush, or your regular polish brush, is going to be the difference between a beautiful manicure, or not. 

thinning out nail polish

The best way to clean either of these brushes with our nail polish thinner would be to put a small amount of thinner into a bowl.

Dip the bristles of the brush into the thinner so that they are completely submerged. Gently swish the brush around in the thinner until you see the polish loosening up. This normally takes between 10-30 seconds. 

Once all the polish is off, gently dab either side of the brush on a clean paper towel or cotton pad until all of the moisture has been absorbed. 

This next step is optional but recommended. Dab the bristles of your now clean brush with some cuticle oil to condition them and make them last longer. Dab any excess oil off with a paper towel. 

Once they are clean, place them back in the nail polish jar, or store them carefully if they are nail art brushes.

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