Best Nail Polishes for Stamping

Nail Stamping is the latest craze and if you haven’t tried it out as yet, you’re bound to be tempted to sooner or later. So if you’re wondering what the best nail polishes for stamping are, look no further. In this article, we’ll be giving you exactly that. 

Nail polishes that are thick and not runny are great for stamping. This means that regular nail polish will still work for stamping as long as it's creamy and thick. Colors that are bright or deep are also better for nail stamping as opposed to neutral colors. 

Since lacquers and matte nail polishes are thick, these are your best options for nail stamping. But, creativity is key. Don’t rule out using regular nail polish for stamping. You can use regular nail polish for stamping if you like the result. Simply learn how to thicken nail polish for stamping to avoid smears or smudges. 

Here’s our roundup of the best stamping nail polish. Our dazzling lacquers will bring out the natural-born artist in you. 

What This Article Covers

Nail Polish for Stamping Plates

Va Va Voom

Our hot pink crème will bring out the vibrancy to a nail design and certainly stand out over a range of neutral bases. This shade is bright and shocking and will stand out against a white or nude base coat. 

nail polish for stamping plates

Pink brightens up nails. It works great for floral designs. It’s a striking shade for any season or any day, depending on how you plan to dress it up or down. Orly’s Va Va Voom will also look great for a night out on the town. 

It’s a big winner if you’re planning to spend time out on a tropical island or just hanging out at the beach. Va Va Voom will live up to its name and give you a positive vibe. If you’re a pink-lover then this one is for you.

Why it’s Great 

  • Striking color to work with nail designs
  • Bright, thick, and fun
  • Works well with flower designs
  • Trendy
  • Brings out the feminine look
  • Fashionable

Who it’s Right for 

  • Pink fans
  • Trendsetters
  • Island hoppers
  • Flower lovers

Oh Snap

You may be wondering, can you use any nail polish for stamping?” The answer is yes if it's thick, bright, and dries quickly. Gel nail polish is not the best option since you need a UV or LED lamp to dry the nail polish and cure it.

best polish for nail stamping

As such, a lacquer-like Orly’s Oh Snap will work well for nail stamping. It's a bright, vibrant color that is growing in popularity amongst new millennials and influencers because Orly’s Oh Snap is the new unconventional and fun look. The best part is it’s also a thick crème, which works great for stamping. Depending on the brightness, you can thicken it further to stand out more. 

Oh Snap is a rich bright yellow crème just shouting out fun and unconventionality. Yellow nail polish is seductive and alluring in a unique way that makes a head-turning statement. Bold, fresh, and full of life, Orly’s Oh Snap will bring out the creative side in you. 

Why it’s Great 

  • Fresh and vibrant 
  • Makes a bold statement
  • Works well with any kind of design
  • Trendy
  • Brings out a creative flair
  • Fashionable

Who it’s Right for

  • New Millennials
  • Influencers
  • Fun-loving people
  • Creative fashionistas

So Fly

Using vibrant colors is what makes nail stamping super fun these days. These are popular against a fresh white base. Bright neon green is a surefire way of really rocking your nail design. It’s perfect for anyone who loves fresh natural colors that make a bold statement.

best nail polish for stamping

Splash on our neon green crème with a great design and you will be So Fly. Each of our products lives up to our reputation for being original and vegan-friendly. Our nail polish colors can be used for nail stamping or for simply painting your full nail with vibrant shades. 

Wearing green nails gives you a unique look. So Fly will remind you of earthiness, adventure, and cool fun. Green is also associated with power, confidence, and style. Neon green is one of the most in-demand shades, a color for all seasons, and will definitely show that you’re willing to stand out and be different. 

If you are a social butterfly who could use some extra attention, So Fly will do it for you.

Why it’s Great 

  • Earthy green designs are trending
  • Bright green stands out uniquely in nail art
  • A flashy eye-catcher color
  • Trendy
  • It will bring out the Zen in you
  • Fashionable

Who it’s Right for 

  • Earth lovers
  • Social butterflies
  • Zesty personalities

Far Out

Our soft cornflower blue should not be underestimated. This nail polish is a drawcard for chic elegance, and perfect for delicate nail art when stamping. A blue crème nail polish is sophisticated yet cool at the same time. Blue is popular anytime and modern business executives enjoy wearing this shade.  Power dressing in classy blue is all the rage and Far Out matches this chic, independent look. 

best stamping nail polish

Imagine running those beautiful, well-manicured nails over your laptop keys when coming up with your next best business idea? If you love looking at your nails all day, you won’t get bored with this shade. Dress up your nails over a nude base with a beautiful blue rose design, or how about some blue stars to remind you that you’re one too.

Blue is a color closely identified with calmness, stability, sophistication, elegance, and charm. Anyone looking at your nails will not doubt that you possess these qualities. It also reminds people of the deep ocean and bright blue sky. This is the color of the earth and is so versatile with any outfit you can come up with. 

Why it’s Great 

  • Neutral and calm
  • Easy to work with for nail art and stamping
  • Works well with flowers, lines, or any classic design
  • Never goes out of fashion
  • Sophisticated and blissful 
  • Always in fashion

Who it’s Right for

  • Trendsetters
  • Influencers
  • Artists and creators

Hot Pursuit

A bright coral crème says to the world that you’re ready for anything. It’s also classy and hot on white, nude, or just about any base color. Try it on blue, pink, or yellow, or use a nail art brush to color in and around the design that you stamped on. Hot Pursuit will brighten any style. 

nail polish for stamping

Hot Pursuit is a bright peachy red that is ready for Summer and is a great color to embrace if you're looking for trendy nails to turn the heat up a bit. This shade says everything about a person's positivity and openness to social engagements. Coral never goes out of fashion and looks unbelievably great with casual or formal attire. Dress it up if you’re a business executive or grab a towel and head off to the beach. 

Why it’s Great 

  • A hot vibey color
  • Works well with blues, yellows, whites, and beige
  • Best for any intricate nail art design
  • Popular for nail stamping 
  • Looks chic with any outfit
  • Fashionable

Who it’s Right for

  • Positive fun-loving people
  • Business executives
  • Beach-lovers
  • Creative artists

Gotta Bounce

The name says it all. A deep denim blue nail polish crème conveys a deep signal that you’re on the move. This is a color that represents authority and assertiveness. It looks great on its own, and even more chic stamped on a clear basecoat. Dark blue nail polish says to everyone that you’re simple, thorough, slick and that you’re in business. 

best nail polish for stamping your nails

But, there is a mystical side to dark colors that is alluring and even seductive. Dark blues shows the depth of character and sophistication while creating an air of mystery about your personality traits. The best part about Orly’s striking Gotta Bounce is that it will match almost any outfit. 

Gotta Bounce is another winner that will make a subtle or bold statement depending on how you plan on adding it to your nail art.

Why it’s Great 

  • Deep and dark colors are great for nail stamping
  • Easy to stand out against any base coat 
  • Works well with other colors for nail art
  • Goes with any outfit
  • Looks great in designs with lines

Who it’s Right for

  • Business executives
  • Those who love mystery
  • Fans of more neutral colors


A deep burgundy crème never goes out of fashion. While this is an excellent festive season or winter color, it is also the color of love, mystery, elegance, and seduction. A burgundy shade in design will stand out against a light beige, nude, or even a light brown base color. 

Best Nail Polishes For Stamping Your Nails

Wrap your hands around a glass of wine or drape an elegant fur coat around your shoulders to create an air of seduction when you paint your nails with Psyche

It's a noble, classic color that is synonymous with style, elegance, and mystery. Burgundy is the color that self-confident women love. You can dress your nails up further by using Orly’s Psyche as a base color for nail stamping and fill out your stamping plate with rich gold nail polish. 

This is an absolute classic choice in color that has won the hearts of women over many decades. Our Psyche is much loved and the perfect dark red that makes your hands elegant and chic. 

Why it’s Great 

  • Deep rich and perfect for nail stamping
  • Beautiful base coat 
  • A timeless color
  • Trendy
  • Brings out the Diva 
  • Always in fashion

Who it’s Right for 

  • Elegant people
  • Foxy trendsetters
  • Nail art lovers
  • Those who are sophisticated


For a delicate soft white pearl shimmer, Orly’s Ephemeral will stand out against any base coat and steal your heart. This is a classy color to bring out some magic in you and anyone whose gaze catches the shimmering elegance of your nail polish crème. 

best polish for your nail stamping

The shade works like magic against a dark base coat. Add some imaginative strokes by brushing your stamping plate with the magic of Orly’s Ephemeral. 

This classy color is elegant and pure and you simply have to use your imagination when deciding what to wear to enhance its angelic quality and pure magical look.  This is one shade that suits all skin tones and looks gorgeous in the summer or Winter, Autumn or Spring. Enjoy its elegance, neutrality, and magical shine. 

Why it’s Great 

  • Brilliant neutral shade for nail art
  • Great for nail stamping
  • Works well with dark basecoats
  • Simply eyecatching
  • Stands out brilliantly
  • Fashionable

Who it’s Right for 

  • Chic people with a flair for elegance
  • Trendsetters
  • Sophisticated social butterflies
  • Soft elegant fashion lovers

Scenic Route

Orly’s Scenic Route is just the splash of color needed to brighten up your day. It is a gorgeous lilac crème that’s great for nail art and stands out uniquely. It has a floral appeal that is soft, nurturing for the soul, and appealing to the eyes. 

 best stamping nail polish for you

Scenic Route is a bright choice to make from our collection of beautiful nail polish colors. Lilac is a popular choice that is always eye-catching and popular amongst all age groups.

This nail polish looks delicate and brings out elegance in an intricate nail art design. This makes it perfect for nail stamping. You just can’t go wrong with the Scenic Route. 

Why it’s Great 

  • Elegant and soft
  • Stands out in nail art
  • Adds a touch of sophistication 
  • Elegant and popular
  • Brings out the feminine look
  • Fashionable

Who it’s Right for 

  • Artistic and sophisticated individuals
  • Classic nail art lovers
  • Ombre nail fans
  • Creative nail polish stampers

Best Stamping Nail Polish(FAQs)

Can any nail polish be used for stamping? 

Creativity is key to nail stamping. So yes, any nail polish can be used for nail stamping but there are some we don’t recommend. The thicker the nail polish the better. Thin and runny nail polishes will cause smears and smudges. Your best choices are to opt for lacquers or matter nail polishes. But, whichever nail polish you opt for the process remains the same. 

nail polishes for stamping plates

Can you do stamping with gel polish?

Gel nail polishes do not dry on their own. So when using this type of nail polish for nail stamping it will stick to the stamp and come off your nail easily. This makes the process difficult. Because of this, gel nail polishes are not the best choice to make for nail stamping, so we don’t recommend opting for them at least on your own.  

Can you use acrylic paint for stamping nails?

Yes, it is perfectly okay for you to use acrylic paint for stamping nails as long as it's thick. If the nail polish or paint does not run down the nail brush then it is thick enough.

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