Why Do People Use Nail Polish?

If you’re an avid nail polish enthusiast like we are, you more than likely wear nail polish all the time. At some point, you may be confronted with the question, “Why do people use nail polish?”

From the everyday 9-to-5 worker to famous Hollywood stars, many people love wearing nail polish. To help them understand, we've unpacked why people love painting their nails. This article will provide insight as to why this beauty regimen is so popular.

Why Do People Use Nail Polish?

Nail Polish Feels Good

When people paint their nails with nail polish, they often look and feel good. This is true because getting a manicure can be a form of self-care. When you make time to focus on you and your needs, it recharges you and lifts your spirits .

Try a splash of color on nails to express your style, like Orly’s Connect The Dots. The coral pink creme looks great on almost any skin tone and can be a highlight to any look year round.

Why Females are Using Nail Polish

Wearing nail polish can also help keep your nails from breaking. A coat of ORLY's gel nail lacquer will keep your manicure looking fresh for two to three weeks.

Nail Polish Is Fashionable

Many people wear nail polish because it’s highly fashionable. It is used to match outfits and accessories. It can enhance clothing items, patterns, and colors. It plays a big part in highlighting a look. 

When picking a color that is complimentary to your skin tone, or outfit, it can express your unique style. 

Nail Polish for Themed Parties

You can also use nail polish to be fashionable during Halloween. Many people are expressing their love for the spooky holiday with their nail art. Whether it is through pumpkin nail charms, bat glitter toppers, or just using the traditional orange and black, Halloween decor has been a big trend for nails.

Nail Polish For Sport

Some athletes and spectators enjoy wearing nail polish to express their team spirit. They also sometimes wear it to promote their clubs.  Nail art is a great way to get everyone feeling the spirit.

There’s even nail polish for swimmers, runners, and many different athletes.

Nail Polish At Work

Why females love wearing nail polish

Nail polish can help you express your style everywhere you go, including your place of work. When worn as an accessory, it can add some fun to your work look. 

Nail Polish Is Expressive of Your Style

Many people love to wear nail polish to highlight their unique style. If you have a classic, timeless style, you may enjoy classic neutrals, or pinks. Some people who have a more eclectic style may want to wear more neon, bright colors. Some people love wearing dark colors because they enjoy the mysterious, sophisticated vibes. 

During the holiday season, people like to be in on the fun and show their cheerful participation by wearing green and, or red color polish on their nails.  

While it's fun to wear nail polish, you may be limited when working in hospital settings. Some nurses can't wear nail polish, or like to keep their manicures very neutral

Patients going into surgery usually can't wear nail polish during surgery.


In conclusion, some people feel that having their nails done is an act of self-care. Most of all, people love wearing nail polish because it expresses their unique style.


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