ORLY Nailtrition Instructions

Nail polish, including gel and acrylics, is a favorite accessory to many people. It can glam up an outfit, make you look more professional, and just enhance the look of your hands in general.

Unfortunately, improper removal or constant use of nail polish remover can pull the moisture from your nails leave your nails damaged, thin and brittle. Luckily we have come up with a solution for this, and that is ORLY Nailtrition.

Nailtrition is a nail treatment that helps to strengthen and regrow nails that have been damaged from nail polish. 

In this article, we will be explaining what Nailtrition is, and exactly how to use it.  

What This Article Covers:

How To Use ORLY Nailtrition 

Our nail strengthening Nailtrition nail polish is very easy and simple to use. 

Nailtrition is designed to be a two-week-long repair and treatment process.

To start the process, apply the ORLY Nailtrition to your nails once or twice daily for a week. After that week, remove the Nailtrition nail polish with normal nail polish remover. 

At the start of the second week, you do exactly the same as the first week, taking it off at the end of the week again. 

This two-week treatment cycle can be repeated as many times as you would like until you start seeing your desired results. 

But, it is very important to note that you should take at least a week’s break in between the two-week treatment process.

What Exactly Is ORLY Nailtrition?

ORLY Nailtrition looks like a normal bottle of nail polish, but it is so much more than that. 

Nailtrition is designed to strengthen natural nails that have been damaged by gel and acrylic polish and to help nails that are struggling to grow. It stimulates fast nail growth and helps to repair natural nails that are splitting or peeling.

Nailtrition is packed full of natural minerals such as Calcium, algae extract, bamboo extract, and collagen.

Something that comes up frequently is the questions of “Is Orly cruelty-free?” and “Is Orly nail polish non-toxic?” 

We pride ourselves in answering yes to both of those questions, and Nailtrition is no exception.

Nailtrition Treatment Cycle Tips 

There are two things that we recommend that you do in order to see the best possible results with our Nailtrition nail polish.

The first thing is not to wear any other nail polish during the treatment period. This includes normal nail polish, gel nail polish, or acrylics. 

The second thing we recommend is to use Nailtrition in combination with our cuticle care products, such as Argan Cuticle Oil Drops and Cuticle Therapy Creme.

Is ORLY Nailtrition The Best Thing For Damaged And Weak Nails?

If you want to strengthen your nails while still getting a nice healthy color and shine, then in terms of a treatment to repair damaged and weak nails, then yes it is.

But, if you are looking for something to strengthen your nails whilst you wear other nail polish on top of it, then it is a toss-up between Orly Bodyguard vs Builder In A Bottle.

Additionally, if your nails are weak because you can’t stop biting them, then the best nail treatment to go for would be Orly No Bite. This will help you break the habit of biting your nails, and help them to gain some natural strength back. 

One of questions that come up about No Bite is often "Is No Bite safe for toddlers?" The answer is yes. By that we don't mean we suggest that it be used for toddlers as your first line of defense against nail biting. Toddlers are still developing! Give them time to grow out of some habits. Ultimately, No Bite was designed for kids and adults put an end to their nail biting habit and allow their nails to grow to recover their strength. But it just so happens that the bitter agent used in No Bite is still used today to prevent toddlers from putting toys in their mouth. If it's safe for toddlers it's gonna be ok for you.

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