Best Coral Nail Polish

Coral is a pink-orange shade that is popular during the warmer months and makes a fun, pretty addition to any look. You might think that coral is only one color, but there are actually a ton of great shades available.

But what is the best coral nail polish? Which shade should you choose?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll look at our 6 best shades of coral nail polish.

6 Best Coral Nail Polish Colors

Beauty Essential

If you are searching for a bright and summery shade for the warmer months, look no further than Beauty Essential

This cruelty-free nail polish has a rouge hue, making it bright and saturated for a bold Summer look.

Pairing this shade with an all-white or neutral outfit will make it stand out, which is perfect if you’re wanting to make your nails the focus of your look.

Best Coral Nail Polish Color


Our Terracotta nail polish is a bright coral shade with pink undertones that is fun for any look. 

The shade is similar to hot pink, making it fluorescent and striking. If you are looking for a manicure option that makes a bold statement, this is a perfect choice.

The Best Coral Nail Polish

Terracotta works well with Summer outfits. If you’re wanting your nails to stand out, then we recommend pairing it with a completely neutral outfit. But if you want more of a blended look, then it goes great with a pink outfit. You can also combine it with other bright colors for a color-blocking effect.

Hot Pursuit

Hot Pursuit is a shade that is sure to make a trendy statement when paired with any look. 

The shade of this nail polish is a bright red coral. The bright red nail polish look is classic and can be paired with just about any color scheme.

Best Coral Nail Polishes

Hot Pursuit works well with monotone outfits for your nails to stand out, or with other bright shades to create a unique, colorful look. 

Artificial Orange

The ultimate summer shade comes in the form of Artificial Orange

This shade is a bright orange coral that mimics the color of a peach, making it one of our most unique nail polish colors. Wearing this will feel like having Summer at your fingertips and works well with all skin tones. 

The Best Coral Nail Polish Colors

This is the perfect polish to pack on a beach vacation, as it brightens up any look and has a tropical feel.

This polish, like all of our products, is completely vegan, so anyone can use it. 

Connect the Dots

If you’re looking for a fun, playful shade to lighten up any look, then Connect the Dots is the perfect polish for this. 

Connect the Dots is a bright pink coral, with an almost neon look to it, and has a solid, creamy finish. 

Buy the best coral nail polish colors

This shade is perfect for a normal manicure but also works well as a nail art color. Try using it on top of a different color, such as black nail polish, in a striped or dotted pattern for a unique look. 

After Glow

If ultra-bright colors are not for you, why not opt for a paler, more subtle coral shade like After Glow?

This shade is a light coral, with an almost pastel finish, similar to light pink nail polish. This is perfect for those who want a simpler nail polish color that fits with any outfit. 

Best Coral Nail Polish Colors

The nail polish is also ideal for daily use, especially in a professional setting, as it is quite understated while still being fun. 

This color also works well on longer nails, making it one of the best nail polishes for acrylic nails.


With so many types of coral nail polish, you have many shades to choose from.

These shades generally work best as a summer color, but can also work in winter as a bright and cheery pick-me-up. 

If you are looking to get creative, you can buy a few different shades and experiment with alternating colors on each nail, or funky nail art designs.

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