Best Brown Nail Polish

At Orly Beauty, we want to give you the best selection of nail polish colors, no matter what’s currently trending. But we know how difficult it can be to find the best brown nail polish in a sea of colors. 

This is why we have created the ultimate range of brown shades for you to choose from. So to get an idea of just how versatile brown can be, read our guide to our 6 best brown nail polish colors, below. 

You are sure to find a hue that’s right for you.

Our 6 Best Brown Nail Polish Colors

If you need that perfect shade of brown nail polish, look no further. You are sure to find it in the list below.  

Flagstone Rush

Flagstone Rush will drape your nails with a deep bronze shimmer. But while it has a subtle shimmer of its own, it is also one of the best glitter nail polish base colors.

Best Brown Nail Polish Colors

Flagstone Rush is a deep, warm neutral that will especially suit warmer skin tones and darker complexions. This deep bronze will look fantastic when worn with a deep chocolate brown or forest green outfit. 

It’s a superb neutral for more formal functions, but would be suitable for a casual event too.  

Why It’s Great

  • A deep and alluring bronze 
  • Shimmer, yet subtle
  • Versatile

Who It’s Right For

  • Warm skin tones 
  • Those wanting to add a touch of spice to their wardrobe

Parcs & Parasols

Parcs and Parasols is a soft, rosy brown creme shade that is almost as sophisticated, yet more subtle, than a classic red. A great everyday color, this looks as at home in the office as it does when going out to dinner. 

Best Brown Nail Polish Color

This is more of a rosy shade than the other browns and looks beautiful when worn with cream, or a rosy beige. It is also a lovely rose-brown shade to use as a pedicure color.

Those of you with warm-skin tones who struggle to find a subtle neutral shade will adore this color.

Why It’s Great

  • Versatile neutral
  • Great for work or leisure
  • Best brown to wear with beige 

Who It’s Right For

  • People warm skin tones 
  • Fans of warm neutrals
  • Those who prefer muted shades 

Infinite Allure

While the best bright red nail polish for a night out may be easy to find, the same can rarely be said of brown. Want a classic dark shade but tired of black nails? 

The Best Brown Nail Polish Colors

Once you’ve discovered the Infinite Allure of this nail polish you won’t look back. It will look very sophisticated when worn with any neutral-colored outfit. But it looks especially gorgeous when teamed with an all-white ensemble. It also creates the perfect contrast to fair skin.

Reminiscent of the rich, dark frosting on a chocolate cake, it has a beautiful shimmer to give it added interest. It will complement a few silver-colored bracelets or rings, perfectly. People looking for the best dark nail polish with a shimmer will find this shade hard to resist. 

Why It’s Great

  • Dark and mysterious
  • A stunning alternative to black
  • Elegant shade for all occasions

Who It’s Right for

  • Cooler skin tones
  • Those looking for a unique brown nail polish for a night out

Canyon Clay

The russet brown creme shade Canyon Clay has a distinctly earthy element to it. And it is this warmth that adds some depth, giving you a brown shade that is understated but never boring.

The best brown nail polish

Redheads looking for the perfect brown polish will also find this to be the perfect shade for their coloring. It is suitable for the office, but just as pretty when out on the town.

Have you ever searched for the best greige nail polish or the perfect complement to a beige outfit? We understand your frustration. Tan is a similarly difficult hue to match. But this shade is an ideal brown to wear with a tan outfit. And it looks just as fantastic with an ivory dress and gold-colored accessories.  

Why It’s Great

  • Partners perfectly with tan and ivory 
  • A rich shade that looks great on many skin tones
  • Neutral shade for work or play

Who It’s Right for

  • People who love wearing rich, earthy nail colors
  • Warm skin tones 

Prince Charming

Do not be fooled by the simplicity of this smoky brown creme. Like Prince Charming, it will make you feel like the star of the ball when on your nails. 

The Best Brown Nail Polish Color

The real beauty of this simple brown neutral polish is in how versatile it is. This makes it the perfect brown to start your collection with. So anyone who is looking for one of the best nail polish for gel nails in a neutral shade, will love this.  

It’s a great neutral brown shade that can be worn with virtually any color. It is subtle enough for the work environment, even in the corporate world. But it can also look great for formal occasions, there are no limits to its versatility.  

It is the perfect base for anyone wanting to wear a topper or nail art. So if you are a fan, try pairing it with our best mint nail polish, or one of our shimmering toppers for a fantastic combination.

Why It’s Great

  • Versatile color for all occasions
  • Very suitable the work environment
  • Pairs well with other colors

Who It’s Right for

  • All skin tones and colors 

Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire is a fiery copper shade and one of our most unique nail polish colors. This is not a nail color is bold and wants to be seen. If you want to set the night on fire, this blaze of copper will do it. 

Best Brown Nail Polishes

It makes a great party color, especially if worn with a simple dark brown or neutral-colored outfit. Gold-colored accessories will also pair well with this color. It's a particularly beautiful shade on people with warm, olive, tan and deeper skin tones.

Why It’s Great

  • Beautiful on people with warm, olive, tan and deep skin tones
  • Looks stunning with gold jewelry 

Who It’s Right For

  • Those looking to make a statement
  • People who love bold colors


Some people shy away from brown because they just don’t realize how versatile the nail color can be. But everyone needs a good neutral shade of polish sometimes, and there's a brown to suit every occasion. With these fantastic brown shades at your fingertips, brown need never be boring again.

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