Best Green Nail Polish

All polish colors are beautiful, but in this article, we're presenting the best of the best in green nail polishes.

Green nail polish can be fun, sparkly, bright, and sophisticated. It all depends on the color and what vibe matches you. 

Do you enjoy bold colors? A neon green might be perfect for you. Or maybe you want something to wear to the office? A deep, emerald green will add a touch of elegance to your office attire.

Let’s take a look at our top 5 favorite green nail polish colors from our collection. 

5 Best Green Nail Polish Colors 

Plastic Jungle

Vibrant, bright, and long-lasting, Plastic Jungle is sure to be eye-catching. If you want to get in the festive spirit, it pairs wonderfully with the best Christmas red nail polish. 

Best Green Nail Polish Colors

You can have a candy-cane striped design if you’re in a playful mood. Or, add tasteful red nail art for a more elegant look.

This fun color is luscious and gives off real, emerald jungle vibes, hence the name. The lacquer is smooth, ensuring a quick and easy application. 

It has amazing opacity and you won’t need more than two coats. 

Remember to add a basecoat first and then a topcoat once the second coat of color is dry. This locks in your manicure and helps it last longer.

 The best green nail polish colors

Why it’s Great 

  • Vibrant and fun color
  • Great opacity
  • Perfect for every season
  • Has summer jungle vibes but would look great during the holiday season too

Who it’s Right for 

  • Anyone who loves fun, vibrant green colors
  • Someone who wants their nails to look festive during the holiday season

Nouveau Riche

Nouveau Riche is one of our most unique nail polish colors. It has a glittery jewel tone, the emerald shimmering with fine golden flakes. 

This is one of our best gold glitter nail polishes. The gold sparkles uniquely complement the green color, creating a mesmerizing effect. 

Best Green Nail Polishes

Many glitter nail polishes don’t spread evenly over the nail. This is not the case with Nouveau Riche. 

While this color is sparkly, it's not overly glittery. This makes it perfect for almost any occasion. And when the sunlight hits it? It's absolutely stunning. 

We recommend doing light coats of this nail polish to take full advantage of its shimmery effect.

Why it’s Great 

  • It's sparkly without being too glittery
  • Applies easily and evenly
  • Emerald jewel tone with golden flakes, perfect for any occasion
  • It looks stunning in the sunlight

Who it’s Right for

  • Anyone who wants to add some sparkle to their outfit without being over the top
  • It's a great color for those who want to be bold, but elegant


Vintage is one of our best mint nail polishes. It's a light color that gives off tropical island vibes. 

This color is great for summer and spring and would pair well with our best coral nail polish. It’s a versatile color too. 

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Do you want a cute nail color for work or something simple for lounging at home? You can wear this color with formal work attire or simple jeans and a t-shirt.

Are you spending the weekend at the beach? Vintage will look beautiful with a summer outfit too. 

It has a smooth, self-leveling application that makes it easy to apply. 

Why it’s Great 

  • Looks like the turquoise waters of a tropical island
  • Great for summer and spring
  • Smooth and easy to apply
  • Fun color with long-lasting quality

Who it’s Right for 

  • Anyone who loves light, pastel colors.

So Fly [Best Neon Green]

Fluorescent and super bright, So Fly is a true neon green. 

If you're looking to make an unusual and bold statement, try pairing it with one of our best lilac nail polishes.

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While this color is great for summer, it could also add some brightness to a winter wardrobe. 

This long-lasting color is a bit thicker than other lacquers, but that only makes it better. 

Why it’s Great 

  • This is a true neon green color
  • It's bright and fluorescent
  • It has excellent opacity
  • This is a statement color that's great for all seasons

Who it’s Right for 

  • This color is perfect for anyone who isn't afraid to make a bold statement
  • It's a great color if you want to add brightness to your wardrobe

Hip and Outlandish

While most people think white is the best French manicure nail polish color, it's becoming more popular to mix up the colors you use. And Hip and Outlandish is the perfect nail polish to do it with. 

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This deep turquoise color is understated while still being fun, making it great for a unique french manicure.

While green is often playful, this deeper color is more sophisticated. It's great for the office because you can add a splash of color without your nails being too bright. 

It has an easy and smooth application, dries quickly and is long-lasting too. 

Want this color to last even longer? Green With Envy is the same color in gel. Remember, gel nail polish must be used with a gel basecoat and topcoat. 

Each coat of gel nail polish also needs to be cured under a UV/LED light. 

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Why it’s Great 

  • An understated, yet fun color 
  • A lovely true green, but not overpowering
  • Long-lasting and quick-drying
  • Smooth and easy application 

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Who it’s Right for 

  • Anyone who loves green polish but wants something less bright
  • Anyone who wants a fun but sophisticated nail polish to wear to the office.

The Verdict

Deciding which is the best green nail polish can be tough when you like them all. The good news is that you don’t have to settle for one favorite. 

Whether you want sparkly, neon, or subdued, there’s a green for every occasion. 

So, which green nail polish will be your favorite today?

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