Best Lilac Nail Polish

Lilac nail polish is a subtle, fun color that adds a playful twist to any look or outfit. So what is the best lilac nail polish for you? 

Lilac has become an increasingly trendy color in the fashion world, as it is a pretty pastel that goes with many outfit palettes and styles.  While it is a fairly specific shade, there are many variations of it. There are lighter and darker options, as well as shimmery editions. 

We look at five of our best lilac nail polish colors to choose from for a colorful statement. 

5 Best Lilac Nail Polish Colors

Lilac You Mean It

Lilac You Mean It is a long-lasting lilac nail polish that has a slight shimmer and a purple-pink shade. 

This shade is one of our favorites. It creates a bit of glitz while remaining subtle and classy. 

This shade blends in well during the day, while also making a statement at night. The light color means that it goes well with most outfits. 

The light tone of this polish makes it a good option to combine with some of the best light pink nail polish shades on alternating nails, or with nail art. 

The best lilac nail polish

Why it’s Great

  • Long-lasting
  • Goes with most colors 
  • Subtle for the daytime 
  • Leaping Bunny certified 

Who it’s Right for

  • Professionals who want a subtle color for the workplace
  • Creatives wanting a touch of shimmer 

Orchid You Not

  best lilac nail polish colors

If you want your lilac to turn some heads, then Orchid You Not is right up your alley. As a part of our February Birthstone collection, it’s one of our most stunning purple nail polishes.

This shade is a slightly darker shade of lilac and has a slight shimmer. 

This polish has a semi-sheer finish, so you may need 2-3 coats for it to appear solid. It can also be applied over a lighter or darker polish for a finishing shimmery touch. 

It’s also one of our best glitter nail polish options.

Why it’s Great

  • A darker shade of lilac 
  • Contains Vitamin C, Vitamin B5, and Argan Oil
  • Strengthens nails 
  • Vegan 

Who it’s Right for

  • Those who want a bolder shade
  • Those wanting a perfect day to night polish 

Scenic Route

best lilac nail polish color

If it is a clean, bright lilac polish you seek, then Scenic Route is right for you. 

This polish is a solid, saturated color with no shimmer, making it a simple yet bold choice for your nails. 

You can achieve a solid nail color with just one coat, preceded by a base coat, and finished with a top coat, as the polish is highly pigmented. 

You can use this as a base color for nail art, and some of the best dark nail polish shades will work well in patterns on top.  

Why it’s Great

  • Bright and saturated 
  • High pigmentation
  • Clean ingredients 

Who it’s Right for

  • Those wanting a bright pop of color 
  • People wearing bright outfits (especially pastels) 
  • Those seeking a bold daytime polish

Magic Moment

 The best lilac nail polishes

Fantastical nails that transport your look into another galaxy sound far-fetched, but are made possible with Magic Moment, one of the most unique nail polish colors. 

The lilac shade is intertwined with a strong shimmer, creating an effect that is akin to the milky way, a mermaid’s tail, or just about anything else magical. 

This polish is also semi-sheer, so it can be worn alone for a subtle shine on the nails, or over a light or dark polish for a pop of glitz. 

The blue tinge to this polish means that it would work well on alternating nails with other blue nail polish shades, for a unique aquatic look. 

Why it’s Great

  • The magical, shimmery effect
  • Can add glamor to any outfit 
  • Free of toxic chemicals 

Who it’s Right for

  • Those who want a fun nighttime shade
  • Those seeking a unique, standout polish

Feeling Free

 The best lilac nail polish colors

In the same vein as Scenic Route, the Feeling Free polish is the most traditionally lilac option on our list. 

This shade is a straightforward, no-nonsense lilac color that is simple, yet fun and young. It goes well with daytime looks but can add a playful touch to night outfits, too. 

It has Argan Oil, Pro-Vitamin B5, and Vitamin C which strengthens the nails and prevents the polish from chipping easily. 

This especially works well on long nails, making it one of the best nail polish options for acrylic nails.

Why it’s Great

  • Strengthens nails 
  • Long-lasting
  • Versatile 
  • Traditional lilac shade

Who it’s Right for

  • Those with a classic style that want a subtle shade
  • People who want a small pop of color 


With so many variations of lilac nail polish, there is no shortage of options to suit any personality or sense of style. 

There are subtle and simple types that go well with daytime looks and classic outfits, as well as shimmery options that work well for a night out, or a magical twist on a simple outfit.

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